Stay crazy, Chicago

This blog is quickly turning into a photo-only blog. I promise I’ll start posting more of my articles again soon.

But for now, I get to show you what I shot today in Chicago: The Polar Plunge.

Holy moly! Are people in Chicago crazy or what? This is what we do for fun here apparently – dive into bone-chilling water and reemerge into below freezing temperatures and negative-degree wind chills. As a California girl, I don’t get it. I nearly froze to death just watching them. But hey, good on them. Donations went to help out the Special Olympics, and that’s something I can stand behind.

And also, good on Jimmy Fallon for showing up and taking the challenge. Even though I didn’t get to see him take the plunge, I think I got some pretty good reaction shots. Excellent choice on the suit and tie, Jimmy.




I know this shot is super out of focus, but I just love his face. I know you do, too.



I’m so glad he did the Wolverine stance. No better way to get out of that water.


Darth Vader. ‘Nuff said.



Good ol’ Rob Hart, taking one for the team and getting down deep just to make that picture.



And then this guy. Just because he’s adorable. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find him after his jump, so I’m not sure how big his smile was afterward.


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