No “Salt”zman on my Benny, please

Man, that was awful… Anyway…

This week, my muse was Melanie Saltzman, a fellow Medill classmate. The point was to capture a day in the life of your subject. So she took me to Clarke’s on Belmont for a delicious Saturday morning brunch.

P.S. As part of my life-long journey to find and eat the best eggs Benedict, I would say Clarke’s does a decent job. My eggs Florentine was not too shabby, but due to hunger and the task at hand, I devoured it very quickly. I didn’t even have time to snap a photo – unfortunate for my fellow food porners (Is that what you call us people who ogle food? Well, it is now.)


Saltzman, 27, is a brunch aficionado, considering it her favorite meal of the day. “You can be anywhere in the world and find really good comfort in brunch food,” she says. “An egg is an egg.”


Saltzman paired her pepper, ham and cheese omelette with five cups of coffee. She also very much loves coffee.



That pour was probably 3/5 cups.


This hamsa necklace means a lot to Saltzman. She bought matching ones with her older sister a few years ago during a trip in Israel. She says she doesn’t take it off very often.


Saltzman can’t help but let out a smile as she looks through old pictures of her and her boyfriend, Rafa. He recently moved back to Colombia after a short stint working in Chicago.


Coincidentally, Rafa calls during brunch to see what Saltzman is up to for the rest of the day. “Hola, mi amor,” she answers her phone before joking about her photo shoot.


Saltzman reaches for her coffee as she recalls her time in Patagonia, Argentina. Her friend Meredith had come to visit her. “I never thought I would see a glacier,” she says. “It’s the end of the world.”


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